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RFID lets GE VeriWise see inside the trailer

GE Asset Intelligence is ready to begin testing a new version of its VeriWise system

GE Asset Intelligence is ready to begin testing a new version of its VeriWise system that will be capable of tracking assets down to the pallet or even item level as they move in trailers, containers, rail cars and other vehicles.

Developed with SandLinks Inc. of Israel, the in-transit total asset visibility (ITAV) system promises mobile inventory management as well as the ability to monitor asset conditions as they move through the supply chain, according to GE.

The system starts with smart, low-power and ultra-low-cost RFID tags for pallets or individual items. VeriWise's onboard hardware will integrate an RFID reader that will identify tagged assets as they are loaded or unloaded, as well as monitor conditions during transit. That data will be transmitted wirelessly over the VeriWise dual-mode satellite and cellular-based communications networks, providing near real-time visibility of the moving inventory.

"Providing total supply chain visibility will help to mitigate shrinkage, catch manifest errors in near real time, deliver the status of sensitive goods ahead of delivery and even redirect individual items' destinations while in-transit," said Dr. Joe Salvo, manager of the pervasive decisioning systems laboratory at GE Global Research.

The new ITAV system will be ready for customer and proof of concept testing in the third quarter, with commercial availability expected in another three to six months, according to a GE Asset Intelligence spokesperson.

Earlier this year, GE Asset Intelligence announced the release of a "virtual hubometer" service for its VeriWise system. Requiring no additional hardware, the new VeriWise GPS Mileage feature provides accurate reports for monitoring mileage-based trailer maintenance and mileage billing by trailer leasing companies. It can track up to 21 individual items such as mileage between brake inspections, automatically sending online alerts at pre-assigned mileage limits. Customers can also use the VeriWise website to set those parameters.

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