TeleNav, Turnpike and Sprint team on fleet-management system

TeleNav, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Sprint and Turnpike Global Technologies

TeleNav, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Sprint and Turnpike Global Technologies to create a system that combines onboard vehicle diagnostics and IFTA fuel tax filing with GPS-enabled navigation, asset tracking, wireless forms and wireless timecards.

Dubbed the TeleNav Vehicle Manager, the new system uses Turnpike’s electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) paired (via Bluetooth technology) with a GPS-enabled wireless phone to get the job done.

“The transportation industry is very adept at deploying technology to gain efficiencies,” said Keith Halasy, senior marketing manager, business-to-business products for TeleNav. “In this case, Sprint was the technology matchmaker; they put us together with Turnpike to create this new solution.”

TeleNav Vehicle Manager is available on select Sprint phones that operate on the Nextel Nationwide Network, and it includes TeleNav Trak Premium service as well as vehicle and operational diagnostics reporting.

System reporting features include:

  • Online daily vehicle and driver performance, including total distance traveled, stop/idle time, hard braking incidents, fuel efficiency
  • Odometer readings, mileage reports and fault codes
  • Online mapping with real-time location and recent activity reports
  • Historical breadcrumb trails with stop/idle percentages

“The transportation industry is an extremely competitive, heavily regulated industry with tremendous cost pressures,” noted Ravi Acharya, associate director of business-to-business marketing for TeleNav. “With TeleNav Vehicle Manager, we are able to offer customers a solution to help them improve compliance management and better compete through automation of IFTA Fuel Tax filings, including mileage driven. All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of many on-board solutions.”

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