Meritor to supply air disc brakes to Scania

Meritor to supply air disc brakes to Scania

European truck maker Scania has contracted with Meritor to supply a range of air disc brakes for Scania models, beginning with vehicles produced in 2014.

Meritor, which recently expanded a manufacturing plant in Cwmbran, United Kingdom, will supply Scania with its ELSA225H range of air disc brakes.

“We are investing $58 million in air disc brake capabilities at our technical center of excellence and manufacturing facility in Cwmbran, United Kingdom,” said Joe Plomin, vice president, international operations at Meritor. This new contract with Scania exemplifies our commitment to be the recognized leader in brake engineering, testing and manufacturing.”

The ELSA family of brakes utilizes modular construction, which means the global standard clamping and adjuster mechanisms can be matched with a series of validated bridges and carriers to suit any wheel/axle combination, said Meritor.

“The ELSA family of braking products is the strongest, most robust and reliable that we’ve developed in more than 30 years that we’ve been manufacturing air disc brakes.” Plomin said.

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