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Autocar ACX refuse truck Dahl Disposal Photo: Autocar
Autocar will begin taking orders for its ACX refuse truck with the new Cummins X12 diesel engine in June, with production slated for October "immediately" after Cummins will start full production of the engine.

Autocar first to offer Cummins X12 in refuse market

Cummins' new 12L engine offers more low-end torque along with fuel and maintenance savings — all on top of 700+ lbs. of additional payload thanks to reduced weight.

Autocar Trucks will be the first truck manufacturer to offer the new Cummins X12 engine to customers serving the refuse industry. The 12L diesel engine will allow haulers to reduce their operating costs while gaining hundreds of additional pounds of payload, the two companies said.

Autocar noted it will begin accepting orders in June for X12-powered ACX trucks that will go into production in October, which is immediately after when Cummins will begin full production of the X12. Autocar will offer the X12 across all Class 8 severe-duty vocational applications.

"Autocar is focused on bringing innovations to the market with real, tangible benefits to our customers," said Jim Johnston, president of the company. "This new engine puts more cash in our customers' pockets, plain and simple. We're gratified that Cummins trusts us to bring the X12 engine to the refuse market first."

Photo: Sean Kilcarr

Cummins' new X12 diesel engine offers a number of benefits, including fuel and weight savings and extended maintenance intervals.

The new X12 engine has greater power density than all its competitors in the 11-13L range, Cummins claims. Customers that opt for the X12 with the Autocar ACX will see a significant weight savings of 733 lbs. versus the previous 12L engine, which means that weight will be available as more payload in these trucks.

Cummins explained that it shaved off all that weight with a sculpted engine block design along with weight reductions in the after-treatment system, power take-off, and other components. Meanwhile, the X12 also offers improved low-speed torque even with similar horsepower ratings as the previous 12L.

The X12 engine was tested in diverse terrain across the United States and Canada, according to Cummins, with more than 2 million miles of field testing. It provides smoother operation with fewer downshifts and more responsive torque at low speeds.

The X12 also offers fleets savings with its extended maintenance intervals, 25% fewer parts, and a 6% improvement in fuel economy due to enhanced engine efficiency and reduction of parasitic loss. The fuel savings alone amount to $10,800 over the life of a typical garbage truck at current diesel prices, Cummins noted.   

"Built around improved uptime and reliability, the X12 will be in prime position to support Autocar's vision of 'Always Up'," said Brett Merritt, vice president of Cummins' on-highway engine business.


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