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Volvo VNL 760 configurator Screenshot: Volvo Trucks
Volvo Trucks’ online configurator allows you to spec out the new Volvo VNR and VNL, above, models, selecting exterior options, interiors, powertrain and uptime services. Once built, the truck can be sent to a local Volvo Trucks dealer to further discuss building and ordering the truck.

Custom design and spec new Volvo Trucks with online configurator

New online tool allows potential buyers to create more than 4,000 custom versions of new Volvo trucks that can be delivered to local dealers for purchase.

Volvo Trucks is bringing the thousands of configurations of the new Volvo VNR and VNL series to the fingertips of buyers with a new online configurator tool for building and customizing the new models. Once built, the custom-spec’d design can be shared through social media or sent directly to a local Volvo Trucks dealer for additional information.

“The Volvo Trucks online configurator gives customers and enthusiasts the opportunity to build their dream Volvo while learning more about the truck and its intended application,” said Magnus Koeck, Volvo Trucks North America vice president of marketing and brand management. “This is a great tool because it’s an engaging way to learn more about the new products and it provides a visual guide of what the VNR or VNL will look like before placing an order.”

Screenshot: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks’ online configurator allows you to spec out interiors and more.

Volvo Trucks customers and enthusiasts can start by selecting the Volvo VNR or VNL series, choosing cab size, and then custom configure the truck’s exterior, interior, powertrain, axles, warranty and uptime services. In total, the online configurator for desktop and tablets features 22 options that can be selected, rendering more than 4,000 versions of the trucks.

The online custom truck configurator features the eight Volvo VNR and VNL models – VNR 300, 400, 640 and VNL 300, 400, 740, 760 and 860 – each best suited for different applications. After selecting a VNR regional haul or VNL long-haul model, the configurator allows users to choose various options, including a sample of paint colors, bumper, mirrors, air intake, aerodynamic options (roof, side and chassis fairings) and bright packages. Configuring a dream truck concludes with selection of interior trim level, powertrain, safety features and uptime services.

“This is an appealing tool that’s fun to use and a customer’s virtual configuration becomes a conversation starter with their local dealer,” said Johan Agebrand, director of product marketing for Volvo Trucks North America. “Custom configuring a new Volvo VNR or VNL model and sending to a dealer before visiting can also expedite the sales, spec’ing and order process.”

Screenshot: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks’ online configurator allows you to spec out the new Volvo VNR.

Visit to build new Volvo VNR for regional haul or Volvo VNL for long-haul.

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