Peterbilt Model 579 Ultraloft Photo; Peterbilt Motors Co.
Peterbilt Model 579 Ultraloft

Peterbilt offers over-the-road drivers more with new Model 579 UltraLoft

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. Peterbilt Motors Co. today introduced the Model 579 UltraLoft 80-in. integrated sleeper variant of its flagship on-highway truck, looking to offer an unmatched level of comfort and convenience for over-the-road drivers and a more efficient truck as well.

The new model is designed to offer the best possible living and working space for those drivers who spend a majority of their time in the truck, often for days or weeks at a time. The Model 579 Ultraloft has a floor-to-ceiling distance of more than 8 ft. and offers up to 70 cu. ft. of storage capacity throughout the cab and sleeper, for instance, with a premium coil-spring 42-in. by 85-in bottom bunk and available 36-in. by 82-in. top bunk that features a split-fold design so it can fold in to provide extra storage space.

"The Model 579 has been a huge success for our on-highway customers, and today Peterbilt is taking it to the next level," said Kyle Quinn, general manager of Peterbilt Motors Co. and senior vice president of PACCAR. "The UltraLoft was designed and tested in close collaboration with customers and drivers.

"The UltraLoft delivers a premium environment while maintaining the distinctive Peterbilt style," he added. "I'm confident drivers will fully embrace this new 'home away from home.'"

The company engaged more than 400 drivers as well as customers and trucking industry groups in designing the new Ultraloft, according to Peterbilt, and the driver experience was the "key factor." "We gave our engineering teams a tall task of delivering on as many as possible of these wishes from these groups, and the Model 579 Ultraloft was born," Quinn noted.

Peterbilt engineers looked to optimize the space available in the new sleeper model to offer the most storage and comfort in the industry — a "wide-open space with plenty of room to sit and stand." The UltraLoft gives drivers the largest upper and lower bunk mattresses available as well as "best in class" headroom in both bunks (48 in. for the lower bunk and 39 in. for the upper bunk). Drivers also get more home-like comfort, with space to accommodate the industry's largest microwave (up to 1.1 cu. ft.), enough room to fit a 32-in. flat screen TV and three 110-volt outlets, two USB  ports and six 12-volt outlets, depending on configuration.   

In addition to improved driver experience, the UltraLoft also provides an estimated 2% aerodynamic improvement over the standard sleeper in a lighter overall package.

"Throughout the design process we asked ourselves, 'What is best for drivers to be the most comfortable and productive?'" said Scott Newhouse, chief engineer at Peterbilt. "We added headroom and storage and improved the overall space to maximize the driver's experience. The expansive, loft-style space, the increase in efficiency and the reduction in overall tractor weight are a testament to the team's focus on maximizing the driver experience." 

"Peterbilt's customers have been asking for a product that maximizes the space available in the cab, and the UltraLoft delivers on that request," said Robert Woodall, assistant general manager of sales and marketing at Peterbilt. He said the new Ultraloft is an ideal truck for team drivers or training scenarios.

"The first customers to see and test the UltraLoft have provided overwhelming excitement and requested the first available production models," Woodall noted.   

The 579 UltraLoft is available for order now, with production scheduled to begin this summer. 


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