Scenes and notes: Out on the road with Mack's new top dog

Mack Trucks showed off its new Anthem tractor at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show this week in Atlanta. But those trucks had to get there somehow, didn't they.

Fleet Owner joined in that expedition; join us for another look. Out on the road with the 10-truck convoy bringing Anthems and a few other trucks to display, there was more to notice about Mack's latest highway hauler. One thing is that taking some time to get to know the truck's controls — and those of the systems on it — will make you glad you did or frustrated you didn't.

We'll also say the truck's appearance works as designed: it gets looks, and from more than just the trucking crowd. Out in the Anthem, we got thumbs-ups and plenty of interest from people driving by, sometimes with a passenger leaning out the window with a phone to take a photo of the brawny-looking Macks.

Other truck drivers in Macks, of course, also showed their camaraderie. More than a few air horns sounded as older Macks crossed paths with the Anthem on the highway. Check out some photos and notes from hundreds of miles on the road from Allentown, PA to Atlanta.


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