1.23.19 TRUX truck_diagrams_1.jpg TRUX

TRUX expands 'Dump Trucks On Demand' logistics platform to Los Angeles

Contractors, dump truck drivers and material producers use the cloud-based TRUX platform to take advantage of LA’s booming construction market.

TRUX, a dump truck logistics platform, is now available in greater Los Angeles, offering truckers, contractors and material providers a complete cloud-based dump truck management solution that includes automated dispatching, tracking, driver notification, paperless ticketing, and driver payment. Greater Los Angeles is the first of a national rollout planned for launch in 2019.

“The TRUX team has been hard at work building a platform that benefits everyone in the industry by taking advantage of the computing power everyone already carries in their pocket, including GPS tracking and real-time job updates and notifications,” said Jeff Gower, CEO of TRUX. “We’re happy to kick off 2019 with our launch in Greater Los Angeles. Our platform is now available coast to coast.”

TRUX empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs to work on their own schedule, allowing them to pick the jobs they want and reduce their ‘deadhead’ – the expensive time spent driving with an empty truckload. TRUX also offers drivers access to group rates and discounts for insurance, maintenance, and parts. For contractors, TRUX provides access to thousands of available truckers to add flexibility to their business.

“Southern California is in the middle of a construction and building boom, so launching here was the next logical step for TRUX,” said Rob Kulewicz, chief sales officer at TRUX. “Our regional pilot program has been a resounding success. We’ve heard from drivers who are able to book more jobs and get paid on time, and we’ve heard from contractors who have a much easier time getting dump trucks onsite when needed. We are excited to reach more truckers, contractors and materials producers in the region with our official launch.”

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