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Chrome Wheelin'

Chrome Wheelin'

Now HERE‘S something that looks like fun!

That‘s Meredith Ochs, Sirius radio DJ, in the middle of the photograph below, between Bryan “The Don” Martin on the left and Ryan “Rhino” Templeton on the right - just two of the famous “Chrome Shop Mafia” staffers that‘ll be giving Meredith a ride in style to the Mid-America Trucking Show this year.


Meredith - co-host with the esteemed “Chris T.” of the Freewheelin‘ satellite radio show broadcast on Sirius Road Dog Trucking Radio channel 147 - is riding shotgun with the Mafia from Joplin, Missouri to the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, broadcasting all the way.

The Chrome Shop Mafia (as if you didn‘t know) is one of the biggest and baddest trucking reality cable TV shows and they do a weekly guest segment on Freewheelin‘ Thursdays from 12 noon to 1 pm eastern standard time.

Now, to call Meredith and Chris T.‘s live three-hour talk show on Sirius 147 “high energy” is kinda like calling a tornado a strong gust of wind. It definitely wakes you up (far more than my own appearance on the same channel from 6 am to 7 am every Monday morning, let me tell you). They cover the news and pop culture topics, along with celebrity guests, every weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm eastern.

So if you‘re coming west to east for Mid America, you might just see Meredith, the Mafia, and probably a lot of other fans rolling along in one big convoy. Tell them I said “hi” if you do.