Coming soon to a town near you: Disaster sponsorships

In a most unusual arrangement, and hopefully one that will not catch on, the city of Stockton, California has sold naming rights to a fire truck.

The story, according to News 10 KXTV in Sacramento, is that the city received dependent on $200,000 in matching funds from the city. Like most of America, Stockton is struggling, so Mayor Ann Johnston came up with a plan.

“We’re trying to find people for naming rights to the arena and the ballpark,” Johnston said, according to the TV station’s web site. “So why not fire trucks?”

And that’s what Stockton did. The city sold the naming rights to the new engine to Food 4 Less. Food 4 Less donated the $200,000 needed in exchange for having its logo displayed on the sides and back of the truck.

Hopefully this doesn’t catch on. Can you imagine the possibilities? Envision a local news article that begins with this sentence: “Three people escaped serious injury when a kitchen fire was quickly extinguished by the Food 4 Less Engine 1.”

Or, how about this: “The Food 4 Less Engine 1 responded to the scene, extinguished the fire, and offered discounted coupons for organic vegetables to the displaced residents.”

Really, does anyone at Food 4 Less really feel comfortable having their name show up whenever tragedy strikes? Is that such a good idea?

But the way this society is going, eventually everything will be sponsored. That crash I passed on the way to work, it was sponsored by Doug’s Bait and Tackle. I can’t wait.

But, hey, if someone wants to sponsor my ramblings here, I’m all for it. As long as it’s not disaster related.