Trucks at Work

Let’s go kick it

Sometimes … you just gotta go kick it. Slug some coffee – even more coffee than THAT – and just go out there and give it your best shot.

Lord knows, with all the bad news out there no matter what direction you turn, often the only choice you’ve got when the chips are down is to step it up and bring the heat (or a knuckleball if “the heat” is clearly what the “bad guys” – no matter who “they” might be – are expecting).

That’s why I’ve lately been digging one of the initial commercials for Chrysler’s 2013 Dodge Dart – and not just because of its salute to coffee-fired excellence.

“Kicking it” in the motor vehicle world, of course, can take all kinds of interesting turns to say the very least. For example, check out this one-of-a-kind concept car – the Renault Alpine A110-50 – as it smokes some tires in the French Alps. (You also just gotta love the time travel theme permeating this little “movie” as well).

Ah, but when the time comes for not only shifting gears at high speed whilst dodging a hail of gunfire, one dude stands out from the rest – the one and only James Bond, British secret agent extraordinaire, double-oh-seven to the max. Ian Fleming’s iconic super spy turns 50 this year in October so you gotta give a tip of the proverbial hat to this fictional-yet-so-debonair character – especially when it comes to driving the ever-so-cool Aston Martin.

However, folks, let’s be brutally honest here: when you REALLY need to kick it – and kick it BIG – only a jet-powered truck will do the trick.

Ah yes; a nice break from the long slow slog that is the economic reality of today. Sigh. Ah well; back to the everyday trucking trenches we go. 

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