More dummies at work

Responding to yesterday's post on the safety work being done at IMMI, Jim McNamara, PR honcho at Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA), pointed me to a lengthy (11 minute) clip titled "The Value of Safety" produced by the OEM that starts right off with a Class 8 barrier crash.

If that weren't all, starting about eight minutes in, there are dramatic cab-impact, rollover and barrier-impact tests that make for quite a hard day's work for some dedicated crash dummies. The remaining minutes cover other safety matters including Volvo's electronic stability system, VEST, in action.

See it for yourself by visiting VTNA's home page . Go to the "Hot Topics" menu (lower left of screen) and click on "Volvo safety video."

And this holiday weekend--and every day-- please remember to buckle up and drive safely.