We're getting social-- with you

FleetOwner The Website has gone-all-social-media on you and me both.

In our never-ending campaign to inform and advance the American truck fleet manager, we long ago realized the World Wide Web is the new high ground of the Information Age, and seize on it we sure have.

Indeed, when it comes to engineering an effective and compelling web platform to enhance our editorial mission as an information source serving the trucking industry alone, I daresay Fleet Owner stands second to none.

But far from rest on our laurels, or pixels and bytes for that matter, all of us at FleetOwner-- including our highly talented new-media support staff-- are constantly scratching our heads and travelling the vast reaches of the Internet so we can bring you, dear reader/visitor, all the tools that can drive your success in trucking and present them all in one place- on our nifty home page.

And that brings me back to social media. Before I go any further, please take another look-see at our FleetOwner home page and locate the "Find us on Facebook" blue-logo button on the left side just above "Executive Reports." Click on it and you get sent right to our new Social Media Newsroom page, which provides visitors who might not be familiar with social networking sites with an introduction to these services.


Our Social Media Newsroom makes this scene truly a virtual reality...

“Online readers, especially those of business publications like FleetOwner, are an increasingly web-savvy group who are demanding more and more information from a variety of channels," points out our own Master of the Web Universe, Cole Young, FleetOwner's online content strategy manager. "Readers also want to interact more with others within their industry. That’s what access to sites like Facebook and Twitter allow FleetOwner to help them to do.

Socila media works for me and all of us at FleetOwner-- and hopefully it will for you as well.