Telogis a Verizon Company has added its Workplan HOS application part of the Telogis Compliance suite to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration39s list of selfcertified ELD products Photo Telogis

Telogis, a Verizon Company has added its Workplan HOS application, part of the Telogis Compliance suite, to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's list of self-certified ELD products. (Photo: Telogis)

Telogis certifies its ELD on FMCSA list of providers

After "a rigorous development and evaluation process," Telogis, a Verizon Company said it has added its electronic logging device (ELD) product to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) list of registered providers. FMCSA has mandated ELD use by most interstate commercial truck drivers by Dec. 18 this year.

Telogis said its Workplan HOS application allows customers to easily record, transmit and store all hours of service (HOS) information according to the functional requirements detailed in the ELD mandate.

Telogis' HOS product underwent extensive testing, according to the company, and along with meeting technical specifications includes enhancements such as continuous over-the-air updates, support for iOS and Android, multiple rulesets and exemptions such as the 150-air-mile non-CDL short-haul exemption and customizable driver vehicle inspection reports.

FMCSA's ELD rule aims to help drivers track and manage records of duty status more accurately and ultimately keep drivers safer. Commercial drivers and motor vehicle carriers subject to the ELD rule are required to install and use an ELD by the Dec. 18 deadline.

"The ELD mandate is on the minds of many of our customers, and the FMCSA certification is just one more way we're simplifying the implementation process and making sure they are compliant ahead of the December deadline," said Erin Cave, vice president of product management for Telogis Compliance and Navigation.

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