Love’s opens seventh fast-fill CNG location on I-40

Professional drivers and motorists traveling from Tennessee to California on Interstate 40 now have access to compressed natural gas (CNG) at seven Love’s Travel Stops, the company announced. The travel stop company’s seventh location with Love’s Fast-Fill CNG for heavy-duty trucks and a CNG fueling option for motorists is now available at its existing travel stop in Williams, Arizona.

“Our locations are strategically placed on I-40 spanning from West Memphis, Arkansas, to Williams, Arizona, to make it easier for over-the-road drivers to run on CNG,” said Bill Cashmareck, Love’s general manager of natural gas. “Our customers can now travel nearly 1,400 miles along one of the nation’s major thoroughfares and have convenient and reliable access to seven Love’s Fast-Fill CNG locations.”

Love’s operates 10 additional fast-fill CNG locations on other major interstates, combining for a total of 17 fast-fill CNG locations. Fast-fill CNG will be available at Love’s existing travel stop in Guthrie, OK, along I-35 this spring, the company said.

“The demand for CNG has remained steady,” said Cashmareck. “We will continue to search for new areas where CNG is feasible so we can give our customers more access to the financially stable fueling alternative.”

Other fast-fill locations now open:

  1. Oklahoma City, OK – I-40, Exit 140
  2. Oklahoma City, OK – I-40, Exit 166
  3. Amarillo, TX - I-40, Exit 74
  4. Williams, AZ – I-40, Exit 163
  5. Albuquerque, NM – I-40, Exit 158
  6. Webbers Falls, OK – I-40, Exit 287
  7. West Memphis, AR – I-40, Exit 280
  8. Willis, TX – I-45, Exit 95
  9. Houston, TX – 610 Loop, Exit 24A
  10. Dallas, TX - I-35/I-20, Exit 466
  11. Ft. Worth, TX - I-35 W, Exit 40
  12. Katy, TX – I-10, Exit 737
  13. Rockwall, TX - I-30, Exit 283
  14. San Antonio, TX – I-35, Exit 144
  15. Thomson, GA – I-20, Exit 172
  16. Burbank, OH – I-71, Exit 204
  17. Ardmore, OK – I-35, Exit 32
  18. Guthrie, OK – I-35, Exit 157 opening this spring
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