Your March 23 Pre-Trip: Truckers vulnerable to PTSD

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. According to an article in The Atlantic, long-haul trucking can leave drivers vulnerable to mental health problems such as PTSD. What makes it worse is that the demands of the job make it difficult for them to access proper health care, according to the report. And it doesn’t help that about a third of truck drivers in the U.S. will be involved in a serious accident at some point in their careers. “Being in a wreck – or even seeing one – can cause enough stress and anxiety to become a diagnosable mental illness,” according to the report. The Atlantic has the full story.

2. Seattle-based Convoy plans to announce today that it has raised $16 million in a new investment round led by Greylock Partners, The New York Times reports. Convoy, which refers to itself as the Uber of local trucking, was founded by former Amazon employees. Convoy began its services last year and allows local truckers to connect with clients who need goods shipped. The New York Times has more.

3. According to a Reuters report, U.S. East Coast ports are not ready for the Panama Canal Expansion. Reuters said that the East Coast ports looking to use the expansion to lure traffic from the West Coast have failed to invest in infrastructure and “are years away from being ready for business.” The expansion project, due for completion this year, will open the waterway to the largest ships, carrying containers full of goods for consumers. Reuters has more.

4. It’s no secret, the gas tax is in trouble. And the Federal Highway Administration is planning to help states find an alternative revenue source for transportation projects. According to, the federal government is offering states $15 million in grants to bolster transportation budgets. The basic concept behind the grant is to refine existing road use charge projects or help launch new ones. GovTech has more.

5. Here’s an idea: The Union of Concerned Scientists believes Volkswagen should be forced to fund programs that clean up the dirtiest diesel trucks, according to Green Car Reports. This comes after the EPA revealed Volkswagen used deceitful software on TDI diesel cars. The group advocates using the manufacturer’s money to fund environmental initiatives, with a focus on heavy-duty trucks. What do you think?

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