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DriverReach updates platform to connect fleets, prospective drivers

AUSTIN, TX. Beyond the shortage of qualified drivers, the trucking industry also remains a bit behind the technology-adoption curve. 

Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach, estimates trucking is about five years behind some “other progressive industries,” especially when it comes to recruiting technologies. 

To assist in closing that gap, DriverReach has rolled out an updated, mobile-first platform to “help companies hire drivers faster and more efficiently.”

“Speed to hire is critical,” Reymer said, noting that new functionality allows for an easier application process for drivers.

DriverReach also integrates background checks and verifies previous employment in a matter “of minutes or seconds,” as opposed to weeks. 

Earlier this year, DriverReach announced a collaboration with Driver iQ to perform background checks. The company also works with HireRight to ensure applicants are properly qualified. 

Reymer said additional upgrades are already planned for early 2019, including feature to speed the interview scheduling process. He spoke at American Trucking Associations' annual meeting.

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