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Maverick Transportation Technician In Cab

What’s the difference between a technician and a mechanic?

May 3, 2021
As vehicle technology has evolved, so has the role – and title – of those who service commercial trucking equipment.


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Erica Schueller in the cab of a truck at an media event.

A step-by-step look at how to get a Class A CDL

April 6, 2021
Access the full archive of posts providing insight on obtaining a Class A Commercial Driver's License through a professional truck driving course.
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Emissions & Efficiency

Electrification gains momentum

March 16, 2021
From prototype to production, electric truck development continues to ramp up.
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The end of the independent parts distributor as we know it?

Feb. 15, 2021
A seismic shift in how parts are identified and get to the shop is on the horizon. Just when might we see that change?