Accuride offers lighter 14-in. aluminum wheel Accuride says the lighter versions of its 14-inch Duplex aluminum wheels gives it the lightest-weight range, based on total weight, of aluminum wheels offered to the North American commercial vehicle market.

Accuride offers lighter 14-in. aluminum wheel

NASHVILLE. Accuride Corp. introduced two 22.5-in. x 14-in. aluminum wheels that are up to four pounds lighter than the models they replace. The company expects to transition to the Accu-Lite Duplex aluminum wheels – part numbers 41142 and 41140 – early in the second quarter, replacing previous part numbers 41660 and 41016.

With the lighter replacements, Accuride, which announced the new products March 9 at the Technology & Maintenance Council meeting, says it now has the lightest-weight range of standard aluminum wheels, based on total weight, to the North American commercial vehicle market.

Reengineering reduced the weight of part number 41660 by three pounds and part number 41016 by four pounds. The new part numbers make it easier to identify them as zero-outset (41140) or two-inch-outset (41142) wheels, the company says. Both 10-hand-hole, hub-piloted aluminum wheels are raited to support a maximum load of 12,800 lbs.

Both new 14-in. Duplex wheels are available with Accuride’s standard polish or extra-polish finishes.

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