‘Airless airbags’ available for Isuzu N-Series

SuperSprings International is offering new SumoSprings “airless airbags” for Isuzu N-Series trucks. The springs are for the front suspension and dramatically improve driver comfort, SuperSprings said.

According to SuperSprings, the driver of N-Series trucks sit directly over the front axle, leading to less forgiveness in the air.

“We have been outfitting N-Series trucks with SuperSprings rear leaf spring stabilizers for several years and had a lot of users ask for something to help in the front,” said Mike Visser, president of SuperSprings International. “After extensive testing, we now offer a low-density SumoSpring that bolts directly to the N-Series frame. SumoSprings fill the gap left by the short factory bump stop, which eliminates the sudden bottoming-out on rough roads that troubles drivers.”

SumoSprings operate like an airbag without the air and accompanying hassle of a compressor system, the company said, providing a smooth load engagement.  They also reduce side-to-side body roll and improve ride.

The springs are composed of a proprietary microcellular urethane that offers a progressive spring rate, so the vehicle’s suspension receives extra support only when needed. Each SumoSpring can be compressed by 80% of its original height with full memory rebound, delivering better performance and long-term durability than competing rubber products.

The application for the N-Series comes mounted on an “L” bracket that attaches to the truck using two existing holes in the frame. Typical installation takes less than an hour, SuperSprings said.

“Since you can install SumoSprings in-house, you don’t have to worry about wasting time and resources shuttling trucks back and forth from the spring shop,” said Visser. “They are a fit-it-and-forget-it solution that can be left untouched for the life of the vehicle.”

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