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Cummins reveals next gen engines

March 6, 2020
The next generation of the L9 and B6.7 engines, available in 2021, was developed with emission regulation compliance in mind.

By Tyler Fussner

Engine manufacturer Cummins announced the next generation of its L9 and B6.7 engines during the Work Truck Show 2020. The next generation of these engines, available in 2021, was developed with emission regulation compliance in mind.

“Work on the 21 B6.7 and L9 engines began with the goal of meeting the EPA '21 GHG Phase II Emissions Requirements,” said Rob Neitzke, executive director - North America OEM business, Cummins.

The next generation of these engines are designed to deliver enhancements and features aimed to lower the total cost of operation. For example, both engines will have extended maintenance intervals, including extended oil drain intervals, extended fuel filtration intervals, and a new maintenance-free crankcase ventilation filter that requires no maintenance at all, according to Neitzke. Oil drain intervals on the B6.7 are up to 30,000 miles, or 1,000 operating hours; oil drain intervals for the L9 are 50,000 miles, or 1,500 operating hours. Fuel filter intervals on the L9 are up to three times longer than current models, and four times longer for the B6.7 compared to the current models.

Cummins also stated that improved connectivity will be coming in 2021 through the Edge module, a telematics device that comes standard with the 2021 L9 and B6.7 models and is bolted directly on top of the engine. “The best way to think about the Edge module is to think of it as an engineer riding along with the engine in the truck all the time,” said Neitzke. Wireless and real-time data and data analysis is intended to drive uptime and lower total cost of operation by providing critical insight into engine performance.

The L9 will have reduced frictional losses in the engine, further optimized combustion, and will deliver improved fuel efficiency across the board by up to five percent, said Neitzke.

The B6.7 will feature 200 to 325 horsepower; the L9 will feature 260 to 380 horsepower. Both engines are compatible with automatic, automated manual, and manual transmissions. Both 2021 engines will come with a three-year, unlimited-mile warranty.

Cummins Westport also announced that the B6.7N natural gas engine is certified to the optional 0.02g NOX emission level. Tom Hodek, director of sales, marketing, and new product development, Cummins Westport, said that from a CO2 standpoint, the B6.7N engine is below the 2021, 2024, and 2027 emission standards, according to Hodek. The B6.7N burns compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, and/or renewable natural gas.

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