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April 8, 2015
Plenty of options to meet illumination needs

It might be useful to start with a definition of auxiliary lighting, notes Brad Van Riper, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Truck-Lite. “We believe that auxiliary lighting falls into a classification in truck and trailer lighting that’s more than the legal requirement,” he says. “Auxiliary lighting is often used on vehicles to address specific issues—for example, to increase visibility.”

The latest developments in auxiliary lighting all surround the continuous improvements in white LED technology, Van Riper relates, where new arrays are producing more light output at a lower cost. These lights, he adds, help improve the speed and function of tasks around a vehicle.

Truck-Lite’s more recent auxiliary light product releases include the 8140 and 8180 work lamps. These lights are used in a range of applications—for example, on the manifold of a tank truck to illuminate the valves, as well as at locations where hoses are connected to offload product. Another example of Truck-Lite’s use of advancements in white LED technology is the perimeter lamp, designed to improve the lighting when a truck driver enters and exits the side door of a trailer.

In 2013, Grote Industries, which offers the Trilliant line of LED work lights, devised a new method of describing the light emitted by white LED lamps. According to the company, the RIE Light Output Measurement System reflects the actual way an LED lamp behaves. A typical LED lamp is brightest when it is first turned on; then as it warms up, it emits less light.

The RIE rating system that Grote uses for its white LED work lamps provides three measurements. “R” equals the maximum amount of lumens that each LED diode can produce times the number of diodes. “I” stands for the light output that is produced the instant the lamp is turned on. “E” stands for the effective light output that a lamp produces when it stabilizes after about 30 min.

Mark Assenmacher, director of marketing at Peterson Manufacturing, says the company’s new 359 Series surface-mount white interior lights represent “a dramatic improvement over traditional recessed ceiling dome lights.” Designed with the company’s Great White LEDs, 6-, 12- and 18-in. long lights are included in the 359 Series.

“These lights offer advantages over traditional lamps used in cargo-carrying vehicles,” Assenmacher explains. “Instead of creating a hot spot directly under a recessed light, bar lights located strategically around a vehicle or trailer interior provide evenly distributed light and eliminate shadowy corners.”

Peterson has also extended its LumenX LED line with 4-in. Round Strobe and 6-in. Oval Strobe lights for use as directional flashing warning devices on Class 1 and 2 emergency, maintenance and service vehicles. The strobes feature white-diode LEDs and a lens design that cuts out dead zones regardless of viewing angle.

Super Bright LEDs offers the 360 Degree LED Emergency Light Bar Amber hexagonal strobe light. The beacon is used for emergency, warning and hazard lighting on public safety, roadside assistance, waste removal, tow, utility and DOT vehicles. With 10 x 3 LED light heads, the permanent mount light provides 360-deg. visibility.

The Phillips Industries Permalite XB LED dome lamp for use inside a trailer features a 175-deg. light spread. Designed for extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 deg. F, the lights have an impact-resistant, low-profile polycarbonate housing and universal mounting holes.

New from Optronics is the 31/4-in. round Opti-Brite auxiliary lamp. The recent addition to the Opti-Brite family joins the 2-in. square product introduced within the last year. The new lamp has a polycarbonate lens, die cast aluminum housing, powder coat finish, and stainless steel mounting hardware.

According to Optronics, when designing auxiliary lamps, the objective is to deliver lights that are compact so they can fit almost anywhere and in more applications. In addition, with greater power for more overall illumination capability and higher efficiency, the latest auxiliary lights on the market provide fleets with greater value at a lower price.

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Grote Industries

Peterson Manufacturing

Phillips Industries


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