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Product Spotlight: Dry van and flatbed trailer accessories

June 18, 2024
A look at the latest dry van and flatbed trailer accessories from seven companies that help drivers enjoy living on the road.

Ancra Cargo

With its new hook tip design, the Cobra Bar from Ancra Cargo enhances its winch bar line. According to the company, this spanner-style winch bar features a “cutting-edge” cobra head design that provides secure engagement with the winch. The crafted bend on the bar enables the cobra head to navigate into hard-to-reach areas, facilitating an easy and efficient securement process. Ancra said the hook design provides multiple contact points that increase the stability of the winch bar during operation and prevent the bar from slipping off the winch cap. The ergonomic design of the Cobra Bar maximizes the bar’s leverage on the winch, making it safer and more effective. It’s available in combination box end.  


Doleco USA offers its new textile chains, DoNova PowerLash and PowerLift, consisting of high-performance webbing made with Dyneema to create a chain that is as strong as steel and 85% lighter According to the company, the DoNova textile chain provides cost savings on fuel because of its weight reduction, and its flexibility makes it easier and safer for operators to handle. The DoNova textile chain, which can be used as a traditional lashing or lifting chain, is a multilayered redundant system that is abrasion- and cut-resistant and is nonconductive, reducing the probability of injury. Doleco said that when used as a lashing chain, the chain is as powerful as a 13mm, grade 80 steel chain, with a lashing working load limit of 22,000 lb. The low weight enables an operator to handle longer lengths of chain with ease.  


Kinedyne ratchet straps are made from a proprietary combination of heavy-duty webbing and durable hardware. Engineered with a tighter weave and three strands of 1000 denier webbing, the company said its straps offer 15% more yarn and enhanced abrasion resistance. Whether it's flat hooks for flatbed side rails or slim wire hooks for narrow anchor points, the company said its fittings are designed to provide tight and reliable tensioning, ensuring cargo remains secure. Different combinations of webbing and hardware are available for the ratchet straps. Kinedyne offers 2-, 3-, and 4-inch straps that are engineered with its gold with black edge webbing, K-FORCE webbing, and Rhino MAX webbing and equipped with either flat hooks, chain anchors, or wire hooks.

Maxon Lift

Maxon’s GPSLR Level Ride Slider is a level-ride platform with FMVSS and CMVSS underride certification, as well as the “industry's toughest finish,” according to the company. Featuring a rack-and-pinion drive mechanism and new hydraulic lifting system, the new series of level-ride Slidelifts is said to enhance fleet performance. With its built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities, the newly engineered controller ensures smooth deliveries. Adding Maxon's proprietary MAX ECU technology as an option extends the lifespan of electrical components, the company said. Flashing platform lights now come standard to enhance visibility during operations. Each liftgate boasts a hot dip galvanized finish, ensuring years of corrosion-free service. 


The Maxxima M84448 8-inch, flush mount, interior dome light features a frosted lens for even light distribution and a three-pin connector with discrete high/low wires. The high output setting is 1,400 lumens, and the low is 300 lumens. It has a polycarbonate lens, aluminum housing, and flange with white ED coating. The dimensions are 8.6-inch diameter x 0.56-inch depth and require a 7.3-inch cutout to accommodate the recessed housing.  The flush-mount flange is secured with four mounting screws on an 8-inch bolt circle.  According to Maxxima, the M84448 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including work vans, and with the two brightness levels, it can be illuminated to suit specific work requirements. The light is backed by a five-year warranty. 


Minimizer’s Fast Flap offers a solution for mud flaps being torn and hanger equipment damaged when drivers back over them on trucks and trailers. According to the company, the design of the Fast Flap allows the mud flap to release from the bracket without causing damage, preventing repairs and fines from the Department of Transportation. The heat-tempered, stainless-steel hangers are not only durable but also secure mud flaps with spring steel clamping force. Minimizer said that “major fleets with thousands of trailers are making them standard on all new trailer builds and retrofitting current equipment.”


Tectran’s Skylight makes it easy for trailer fleets to add natural light to their vehicles. According to the company, this solution requires no power, allowing ambient light to filter in, enhancing safety and efficiency for loading and unloading. Installation is hassle-free, thanks to the threaded design and nut system, eliminating the need for drilling, riveting, or adhesives. Compatible with both aluminum and composite trailer walls, this innovation, covered by US PAT. 10,773,571, provides a cost-effective way to improve working conditions and streamline operations for fleet managers and drivers, the company said.  

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