Cat reman’d engines available for glider kits

Kustom Truck is offering factory reman’d Caterpillar engines for the growing glider kit truck market. The engines, 1999 C-15 and C-16 powerplants, can be used in any area where EPA standards are not mandated for all trucks.

According to Kustom, installing a factory reman’d Cat engine allows customers to put a pre-emissions engine into a current production chassis. The engines do not require DPF or SCR.

All Caterpillar factory re-man’d engines qualify for a new truck engine warranty that covers the engine from flywheel to front cover, the company said, ranging from 24 months to 36 months or 100,000 to unlimited mi. All Caterpillar Factory re-man engines have the option to add an ESC Plus warranty that can extend that coverage out to 60 months or 500,000 mi. to include the turbo, water pump and injectors.

The base warranty typically covers parts and labor as well as towing to the nearest authorized repair facility while the Cat ESC warranties cover parts and labor.

In addition to offering the OEM re-man engine assembly, Kustom Truck offers various engine up-fit kits (i.e. chassis installation brackets, fan hubs, ECM programming, and harnessing options) that can be specified with the purchase of the engine to insure that the customer receives an engine assembly that is ready to drop into the chassis for correct fitment as well as being electronically compatible with the chassis that the engine is installed in.

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