Composite pogo stick offered

A new composite pogo stick from Sloan Transportation Products offers an integrated hoop to eliminate the need for zip ties, the company said.

The MaxxDuty pogo stick’s design allows operators to run hydraulic and wrapped lines through the hoop, while allowing for easy use of additional support clamps for coiled air and electrical lines, Sloan said.

According to Sloan, the MaxxDuty pogo is the product of a lengthy development process, which included several iterations exposed to extensive cycle testing and over a year of field trials in the harshest conditions. Its patented design features a durable, injection molded, glass-filled nylon polymer top and base, and it allows for several attachment options.

The rod is made of rigid, pultruded fiberglass. All of the composite, nylon, and fiberglass components are UV resistant, and any internal metal pieces are encapsulated in a protec­tive casing. The mounting bolt, nut, and washer are the only exposed metal components on the pogo, and they are zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.

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