Eco-flaps expands line with new lengths

Andersen Flaps has added two new lengths to its aerodynamic Eco-flaps line of splash guards.

The new 27- and 36-in. lengths feature no wide horizontal ribs, which have been removed in the design improvement to further reduce wind resistance and to improve fuel efficiency.

Eco-flaps’ molded, aerodynamic channels allow air and water to easily move through the flap surface with minimal drag to improve fuel economy up to 3.5%.

After moving through the channels, air and water flow reaches a dead-air zone on the back surface of the guard, where the water falls to the road surface.

This flow pattern significantly reduces excessive road spray when compared to traditional mud flap design, Andersen Flaps explained.

In addition to reducing drag, the design directs water spray to the pavement rather than into passing or trailing vehicle’s lines-of-sight. So, the Eco-flaps design plays a critical role in improving safety for both truck drivers and motorists.

The improved Eco-flaps design is available in 24x24, 24x27, 24x30, and 24x36 in. splash guards.

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