Employment grows at Pressure Systems International plant

Pressure Systems International (PSI) announced that it has had a second consecutive year of increased employment at its San Antonio, Texas, facility. PSI, which manufactures the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI, posted a 23% employment surge in 2012, following a 21% increase in 2010.

The increases have been due to increasing demand for MTIS by PSI, an automatic tire inflation system. Sales have reached record levels, the company said.

According to PSI, each December the company holds a “Corporate Cornerstone Coin Ceremony.” During that ceremony, temporary employees are offered a permanent position with the company. By accepting the position, the employee commits to the company’s philosophy of treating everyone with respect and chooses one of the four cornerstone coins by which PSI is guided everyday - Never Give Up, Attitude is Everything, Whatever It Takes and Dare to Soar.

The coin serves to remind the employees that they can meet whatever challenges they face, whether personal or professional, PSI said. In recent years with the increased demand for the P.S.I. product, this annual ceremony increases the permanent staff significantly. 

“P.S.I. is a special place to work; we work hard and we appreciate everyone’s contribution. Without the dedication of our people, we wouldn't have the success that we do and we know that.  Our new employees will be treated with respect every day by everyone associated with the company,” said Tim Musgrave, president.

In the U.S. 92% of fleets that use automatic tire inflation systems choose MTIS by PSI with approximately 36% of all new trailers equipped with the system, the company said.

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