Fairbanks offers systems for vehicle weighing

Fairbanks offers systems for vehicle weighing

Fairbanks Scales is now offering three complete driver-assist systems for automating the vehicle weighing and identification process. The systems can be tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.

The state-of-the-art, attendant-free FB2550 driver assist terminal allows the driver to interact with the terminal without ever leaving their vehicle, speeding the vehicle weighing process and reducing operating costs, the company said. It has a color touchscreen, large text and numeric keys, as well as simple-to-understand prompts. The FB2550 also features built-in Ethernet connectivity that easily interfaces scale transaction data with a company’s existing computer network.

The FB3000 II remote terminal unit mounted on a pole or wall at the scale platform. It allows drivers to enter information without having to exit their vehicles.

The Fairbanks Access Solutions entry station greets vehicles arriving at a site with a visible and audio prompt. The entry station quickly captures essential transaction information and sends it to the MatreX processing system, a centralized processing and database system that processes transactions from any number of Access entry stations and relays real-time information to the driver. Data from multiple stations can be consolidated into customizable reports or exported to billing systems. It can process credit card transactions while operating unattended and is easily integrated into existing management systems.

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