Felling Trailers’ X-Force SL Series offers ‘super low’ deck height

Felling Trailers’ X-Force Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck model line now offers a “Super Low” deck height with the X-Force SL Series.

Felling Trailers’ X-Force SL Series
The X-Force SL Series provides an 18” level deck height with a 6” ground clearance

“The X-Force SL Series provides an 18” usable level deck height with a 6” ground clearance, making it an ideal spec for carriers that specialize in extra-tall cargo/equipment transport,” the company said. “The low loaded deck height is ideal for a multitude of applications due to the full width level deck as opposed to a drop-side model. Felling Trailers designed and engineered the SL Series with versatility and functionality in mind knowing that with changing markets, Carrier’s cargo/equipment loads vary. The versatility offered with the 18” usable level deck height allows a carrier to transport cargo/equipment as asphalt milling machines, paving equipment, track excavators, etc. that have tall transport heights, ultimately keeping the Carrier’s wheels and payday rolling.”

The SL Series are offered in four capacities; XF-70-2 HDG-SL (35 ton capacity), XF-100-3 HDG-SL (50 ton capacity), XF-110-3 HDG-SL (55 ton capacity), and XF-120-3 HDG-SL (60 ton capacity).

Options on the X-Force SL Series include: bolt-on load bearing wheel covers, several main deck to trunnion approach angle options, gooseneck fenders, amber LED strobe light system, and rear beavertail and ramp configurations.

Standard specifications:

  • Load Capacities: 35-60 tons
  • Approx. Deck Height: 18” loaded with 6” ground clearance
  • Lift Cylinders: (2) 7”on XF-70-2 HDG-SL, XF-100-3 HDG-SL & XF-110-3 HDG-SL
  • (2) 8”on XF-120-3 HDG-SL
  • Multi-Position Ride Height: 5 Position Ride Height Cam Blocks
  • Frame: Engineered, Cambered, Fabricated 12” Main Beams and Side Beams with T-1 Flanges
  • Crossmembers: 8” I-Beam Crossmembers on 24”centers
  • Drop center crossmembers in rear trunnion area
  • Flip Axle Ready, Plumbing and Brackets (standard on 55 and 60 ton models)
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