Goodyear rolls out new tires

Goodyear has introduced several new drive tires for commercial trucking applications

Goodyear has introduced several new drive tires for commercial trucking applications:

  • The G622 RSD is designed to provide even wear and high traction for multiple regional applications and vehicle types. It features an aggressive tread-blading pattern and tie-barred shoulders, the company said. It is currently available in 225/70R19.5, 245/70R19.5, 9R22.5, 265/70R19.5, 265/75R22.5 and 245/75R22.5 sizes, with six additional sizes to be available by summer.
  • The G661 HSA and G662 RSA all-position tires are intended for regional and local haul applications. The G661, available in April, features a high scrub-resistant tread, a multi-compound construction, penetration protectors to prevent cuts and punctures, and sidewall protector ribs.
  • The G662 RSA offers a 22/32” tread depth and a Pressure Distribution Groove for uniform tread wear and long tread life, according to Goodyear. It employs the firm’s Fuel Max Technology that reduces the amount of energy generated within the tread, creating low rolling resistance and improving fuel efficiency, the company said. The 11R22.5 size will be available in early April and the 295/75R22.5 size in June.
  • The G316 LHT Fuel Max with DuraSeal combines Goodyear’s Fuel Max Technology, which incorporates compounds and constructions to help improve miles per gallon, with DuraSeal Technology, which instantly seals punctures up to a quarter-inch diameter in the tread area, the company said. Available this summer in 295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5 sizes, the G216 LHT also features a triple-compound construction to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel savings; a 12/32” tread depth; all-steel/four-belt package, and a solid shoulder rib with a PDG groove.
  • The G289 WHA, designed for waste-hauling applications, features a 24/32” tread depth, a distinct sidewall protector rib to help enhance casing life, an optimized shoulder design to promote uniform tread wear, four wide circumferential grooves, and a wide footprint for cornering and handling, Goodyear said. It is available this month in the 315/80R22.5 size, load range L.
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