Grote unveils new family of integrated LED lamps

Grote Industries has introduced a new family of LED 6 in. oval and 4 in. round stop/tail/turn lamps, each equipped with an integral LED built-in back-up lamp.

“These ‘two-in-one’ Grote designs combine dual functions using long-life LED technology,” said John Grote, global sales and marketing vice president. “Combining these new products is an obvious and extremely useful step forward. Both designs provide new mounting options and benefits to fleets, OEM designers, and inventory managers over a wide range of vehicle types. Eliminating incandescent technology and replacing it with modern LEDs results in a lamp that can last the life of the vehicle it’s installed on, which can save OEMs significant costs and their customers hundreds of dollars over the time they’re in service.” 

The lamps combine S/S/T and back-up functions to allow elimination of two holes and two lamps at the rear of straight, vocational, and specialized vehicles as well as eliminate the need for separate back-up lamps on HD power modules, the company explained. The two-lamps-in-one design also saves time and money in installation and inventory costs and eliminates potential leaks in vehicles, improves structural integrity and corrosion resistance, and leaves more room for other lamps and controls, as well as lift gates, emergency flashers, and grab rails.

Other features include:

  • Grote designs fit existing 6 in. oval and 4 in. round grommets and flanges. In addition, the 6 in. oval design incorporates separate connections for each function, allowing the use of existing harness designs.
  • Lamps are sealed from water and chemical ingress, severe environments, shock, and vibration.
  • The 6 in. oval’s symmetrical design retains FMVSS 108-compliance, regardless of mounting angle.
  • Thin profile design minimizes damage from external impact – fits in shallow depth pillar locations.
  • Companion S/T/T lamps without back-up function are also available.

The oval lamps will be available in the April-May timeframe. The round styles will be available in the third quarter.

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