Hydraulic front-wheel drive

Tuthill Drive Systems has introduced its new EZ Trace hydraulic drive system

Tuthill Drive Systems has introduced its new EZ Trace hydraulic drive system, which it said provides front-wheel drive for on-road trucks that need to go off-road or travel in bad weather.

EZ Trac installs on the front steering axle and is activated by a cab-mounted switch when a driver needs additional traction and mobility, according to Tuthill, enabling it to be engaged and disengaged "on the go."

The company pointed out the system uses "simple hydraulic technology," weighs hundreds of pounds less and is easier to service than conventional front-wheel drive systems. In addition, said Tuthill, EZ Trac maintains the vehicle's ground clearance, turning radius and center of gravity.

Once the truck is back on the pavement or weather conditions improve, EZ Trac can be easily switched off for normal freewheeling operation, the company said. Tuthill also noted the system can be set to automatically disengage above 20 mph and engage when rear wheels lose traction.

Tuthill said that EZ Trac, which has been in development since June 2007, can be retrofitted or installed on new equipment. The company noted that installation takes approximately one-third the time required for mechanical axles.

For more information, go to www.drive.tuthill.com

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