IPA releases 2 tire maintenance devices

A new device from Innovative Products of America (IPA) can accurately read and inflate tire pressure on up to five tires at one time.

The mobile tire pressure equalizer is designed to quickly inflate or deflate tires. It is equipped with two integrated high-capacity air regulators, and two accurate, high-resolution, glycerin- filled pressure gauges for consistent and precise tire pressure readings, IPA said.

The device is mounted on a welded steel cart with pneumatic tires and features wheel-specific, color-coded hoses with corresponding panel indicators and convenient hose hangers. 

IPA has also released a product that is said to ensure tires are the same size, helping reduce tread wear and improve fuel economy. The Tire Comparator (Type I) can measure minute discrepancies in tire pairing that can have profound effects on tires as even a ¼ inch variance in tire size will cause the larger tire to support a far greater load, IPA said.

This results in not only accelerated tread wear and increased heating on the larger tire, but also scuffing wear on the smaller tire.  These factors increase rolling resistance, which drastically decreases fuel economy.

The Tire Comparator allows users to compare tire diameter on single and dual-mated wheel applications for proper pairing. It can be instantly adjusted to work on virtually any sized tire (up to 48 in. in diameter) and even reaches the hardest-to-reach wheel wells including the inside tire in dual wheel arrangements.

The device is 48 in. in overall length and features standard and metric measurement increments for mounted and non-mounted tire matching/pairing.

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