Jerr-Dan launches new tools for towing operators

Jerr-Dan announced it recently launched its SURE Method and Tow Performance Calculator to assist customers in selecting the most appropriate product to address some of the challenges towing operators face on the job.

“The SURE Method, an acronym for Suburban, Urban, Rural, Equipment, helps customers remove the guesswork out of the vehicle build,” according to the company. “The Tow Performance Calculator is a tool that supports the SURE Method by giving the customer an estimate of what their truck could tow.   Both resources are designed to educate tow owners and operators to better evaluate their business needs.” 

The SURE Method is designed to help customers select the right equipment for the job.  This systematic way for building towing equipment is based on the specific performance demands of the customer’s region, intended use and application. This approach guides potential buyers through a series of key considerations to secure the optimum specifications for the configuration of their tow truck. This includes size, weight, capacity and application-specific features to effectively manage a customer’s broad range of towing operation needs.

“We are changing the traditional way the towing industry buys towing equipment by providing a method that will ensure the vehicle a customer orders is optimized for the unique demands of their operation,” said Jeff Irr, senior director of sales and marketing. “We are continuously looking at innovative ways for our customers to maximize their investments and meet their business needs.”

The Tow Performance Calculator is an online tool allows for any tow professional to estimate the towing performance of a truck by simply going to the calculator online at and answering a few questions.  The online Tow Performance Calculator is accessible 24/7 from anywhere and helps operators determine if their vehicle is optimized for the unique demands of their towing operation, the company added.     

“We are leading the industry with this first-of-its-kind SURE Method and Tow Performance Calculator,” said Shane Coleman, Heavy Duty Product Manager for Jerr-Dan. “This is our competitive advantage as we are the first to offer these methods and technologies.  Safety and performance is our top concern for customers and the industry. 

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