Ken-Tool develops metric valve breaker

Ken-Tool develops metric valve breaker

Ken-Tool, which provides tire service tools, has developed a new metric valve breaker. The T38B tool is designed to remove valve stems quickly from smaller 10mm valve stem holes which are common on heavy-duty aluminum and alloy wheels.

The tool features a specially designed, heat treated, steel punch.  The punch is 9mm in diameter which allows it to remove nickel plated, steel, and brass valve stems from aluminum, alloy, and European style wheels without contacting the wheel. 

The T38B is 45 in. long and weighs 16 lbs.

Based on Ken-Tool’s original T36B valve breaker, the T38B metric valve breaker utilizes a pinch-preventing rubber safety grip, high-grade steel tube construction and a solid steel ram bar.  The punch is spring loaded, which reduces vibration and user fatigue.

Also available is the metric valve breaker repair kit.  The repair kit includes a new punch, spring, and retention pin.

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