Mack extends service intervals

Mack extends service intervals

Mack Trucks has announced new service intervals for its diesel particulate filters (DPF) and engine oil and filter changes for several of its engine families. The changes affect all model year 2011 and new Mack models powered by Mack MP7, MP8 or MP10 engines.

The new recommended service intervals for engine oil and filter changes have been increased by 10,000 mi. to 45,000 mi. for long haul, 35,000 mi. for regional haul and 25,000 mi. for heavy haul. Owners whose engines idle more than 30% of the time should use the next shorter oil and filter change interval.

Any engine oil used must meet Mack’s EO-O oil specification.

The service interval for DPFs has been extended from 250,000 mi. to 400,000 mi. for long and regional-haul applications.

These extended service intervals demonstrate Mack’s commitment to improving our customers’ bottom lines by reducing maintenance costs,” said Roy Horton, Mack director of product marketing. “Using data from our EPA 2010-compliant trucks, we’ve been able to verify that our newer engines produce significantly less particulate matter, enabling us to expand the service window for DPFs and engine oil and filter changes.”

Compared to the previous maintenance schedules, the extended engine oil and filter change intervals can save between four and 16 oil drains, depending on duty cycle, on a truck with a 600,000-mi. service life. The extended interval for DPFs will allow many owners to cut the number of filter replacements or cleanings from two to just one over the life of the vehicle, Mack said.

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