Mack Titan handles the heavy loads

Mack Titan handles the heavy loads

Mack Trucks has introduced a new heavy-hauler powered by a 605-hp. 16-liter engine

Calling it “the most powerful truck” in the company’s 108-year history, Mack Trucks has introduced a new heavy-hauler powered by a 605-hp. 16-liter engine. Intended for construction, logging, mining and other heavy-transport applications, the new Titan is available in both truck and tractor configurations with initial deliveries scheduled for later this year.

“This new offering … follows in the Mack heritage of classic big-block, long-hood, high GVWR trucks like the RW Super-Liner,” said Tom Kelly, Mack’s vp of marketing at the Titan’s introduction during the 2008 ConExpo-Con/Agg show in Las Vegas.

The new truck houses its Mack M10 diesel under a long hood and high cab with an aggressive “heavy-hauler” design featuring high airflow for better cooling and liberal use of chrome accents. Rounding out the Titan’s specs is Mack’s Cornerstone chassis, originally developed for its Granite vocational truck models.

The 16-liter M10 is inline 6-cyl. certified for U.S. ’07 emissions and offered in ratings of 515 hp., 565 hp. and 605 hp. In keeping with the Titan’s heavy-haul credentials, maximum torque ranges from 1,860 lb.-ft. to 2,060 lb.-ft. The Mack T300ES transmission can be spec’ed with 10, 13 or 18 speeds, and Eaton transmissions are offered as options.

The Titan’s Cornerstone chassis is available in three frame-rail thicknesses with optional inside channel reinforcements and application-specific crossmembers. The front axle is positioned for high load capacity and maneuverability with capacities between 12,000 lbs. and 20,000 lbs., according to Mack. Available rear axle and suspension capacity ranges from 38,000 to 65,000 lbs.

The Titan cab sits on an air-ride suspension, and was designed to minimize noise and vibration for the driver. Interior features include an air-assist clutch pedal, overhead storage bins, Mack’s Co-Pilot display and three trim levels.

Finishing off the Titan’s heavy-hauler credentials, the new long-nose conventional looks the part with liberal use of chrome, including chromed cast aluminum around the large front grille, twin cowl-mounted air intakes, chrome horns, 6-in. dual exhaust stacks mounted outboard behind the cab and a bright-finish metal bumper with integrated driving lights.
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