New tire cages reduce rupture danger

New tire cages reduce rupture danger

A new tire cage from Ken-Tool is said to reduce the side-force energy from a catastrophic sidewall zipper rupture on a super wide-base tire by 93%.

Testing on the 5-bar Super Magnum cage has shown the reduction of side-force energy is achieved through expanded steel mesh deflection barriers welded to the insides of the cage tubing, Ken-Tool said.  The cage features five mandrel-bent, high-strength 12 gauge, 2-1/4 in. diameter structural steel tubes, welded to a 3/16 in. thick steel plate base with a 2 in. wide, ¼ in. thick reinforcing strap welded to the tubes. 

Ken-Tool also offers the 36009 5-bar Magnum, which is structurally and dimensionally identical to the 5-bar Super Magnum, but does not include the screen mesh barrier.

The Magnum cages are 48 in. long, 30 in. wide and 56-1/4 in. tall.  They are designed to provide more inside clearance for the new generation of super single and super wide-base truck tires, with their higher inflation pressures and air volumes.  Both cages are rated to 130 psi, and meet the O.S.H.A. Standard No. 29 CFR Part 1910.177 regulations.

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