Next generation Freedom HF released

Xantrex Technology has released the next generation of its Freedom HF inverter/charger. It is the first update since the Freedom’s debut in 2008.

The updated Freedom HF includes a 1,000W model with 55A charger for large battery banks as well as 1,000W/20A and 1,800W/40A models. All have a quick-connect AC terminal block on both AC input and output for ease of wiring and fast installation, Xantrex said. This eliminates the need for strain relief clamps, the company pointed out.

An ignition lockout disables the inverter when the ignition is turned off, minimizing battery drain. In addition, GFCI and hardwire options provide greater flexibility for easy plug-in directly on the unit, or hard wiring connections for AC power. 

“While the latest generation Freedom HF maintains the same winning DNA including its compact size, advanced features and affordability of the original Freedom HF, the additional new features sets it in a class all its own,” said John McMilan, director of sales.

All models are certified to meet UL458 for mobile applications and FCC, Class B requirements for better EMI performance.

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