Phillips Industries unveils new corrosion protection product

NASHVILLE, TN. Phillips Industries presented its latest corrosion protection product during a press conference yesterday at the Technology and Maintenance Council 2013 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.

The Sta-Dry QCMS2 (quick connect modular system) is designed to fight corrosion buildup in a vehicle’s electrical system.

The Sta-Dry line now includes sockets, plugs, noseboxes, terminals, and electrical harnesses offer fleets the best solution to protecting their electrical systems from corrosion damage. 

According to Phillips, the most common warranty claims for 7-way connections are due to complete loss of electrical function on the “blue” circuit. This loss of function happens because of corrosion brought on by three primary reasons – lack of maintenance, water and chemical deicer intrusion, and constant current passing through the “blue” circuit as long as the tractor’s key is in the “on” position, the company said.

“Phillips thought that the most intriguing point regarding the failure at the 7-way connection, is that it happens more frequently at the tractor union,” said Megan Vincent, Phillips marketing.

The QCMS2 is a modular socket/plug hybrid that is semi-hardwired to the tractor to create a complete seal at the 7-way connection. By removing the socket from the union, the QCMS2 mates directly with Phillips Sta-Dry QCS or QCS2 (quick connect socket) boot so there is no break or gap where moisture can enter.

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