New trailer “I-Box” from Phillips

The new “I-Box” unveiled by Phillips Industries looks to vastly simplify trailer wiring and connector schematics

LOUISVILLE, KY – Like many a smart idea in the trucking industry, the new “I-Box” unveiled by Phillips Industries at a press conference here at the Mid-America Trucking Show came from an LTL carrier looking to vastly simplify trailer wiring and connector schematics.

“The carrier came to us with a problem: When they opened up the nose on their trailers to make wiring or connector repairs, their technicians faced what looked like a bowl of spaghetti,” Bill Phillips, director of sales for Phillips Industries, told Fleet Owner. “It took two of their technicians just to push all the wiring back into place and re-close the nose compartment.”

All that fiddling around made simple wiring or connector replacements take upwards of half an hour at times. So they approached Phillips to find a solution to their problem, with that effort turning into the I-Box.

“Today’s trailers are more complicated than ever, with tracking systems, automatic tire inflation systems, lighting and other electric systems all competing for the limited wiring and connector space in the nose,” Bill Phillips said. “The I-Box removes that problem by offering 35% more interior space with quick-connect circuits in a durable box made from non-corrosive materials mounted on the trailer’s exterior, which technicians can more easily access for servicing needs.”

Phillips noted that the I-Box can be used on doubles, dry vans and refrigerated trailers. It is available as a factory option from some trailer makers, although Vanguard has made it a standard feature. The I-Box is also available as an aftermarket or retrofit product.

He added that it takes about 30 minutes to install the I-Box on a trailer and a fleet’s own technicians can do the job following guidelines provided on the Phillips web site.
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