Premium topcoat system speeds painting process

Premium topcoat system speeds painting process

Sherwin-Williams has released a new topcoat system that it said can speed the prime-to-finished product process by up to 65%, and save 75% on related energy costs at the same time.

The Genesis HP premium single-stage is a two-component urethane topcoat that offers quicker process times with no baking required. According to the company, when used with a Genesis primer, the new topcoat delivers a premium finish that is out of dust in as little as eight minutes and tape-free within 30 to 40 minutes.  

Genesis HP cures in ambient temperatures of 70-75 deg. F using Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Air-Dry technology.

The finish is resistance to chipping in extreme conditions and moisture, chemical, and corrosion resistance. It is VOC-compliant and offers a wide selection of the most popular solid colors in the market.

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