Prime Design introduces a range of products designed for worker safety, productivity

INDIANAPOLIS. Prime Design, which suppliers ladder storage solutions for vehicles, introduced several new products at the NTEA Work Truck Show designed to improve worker productivity and safety.

“The Work Truck Show is the perfect venue to introduce our products, which improve worker safety and productivity,” said Tom Seifert, product manager.

Among the products:

  • Professional Truck Rack (PTR): The PTR mounts to the bed rails of most pickup trucks and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, regardless of brand, and without drilling. Designed for heavy duty use, such as at construction sites, it provides a double walled aluminum frame. It also has an intuitive roller wheel that makes loading easier, while reducing driver fatigue and injuries.
  • ErgoClamp: The patent-pending ErgoClamp reduces worker stress by providing a handle with a lower reach, as well as easier storage and retrieval system. The extruded aluminum design is ergonomic, lightweight, and can carry extension or step ladders of various lengths.
  • Rear Door Access Ladder: This stable ladder eliminates climbing on the tires or bumper to load a ladder on high-roof vehicles.
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