Product cleans out contaminants from diesel fuel systems

A new product from Penray is said to fight asphaltene build-up and cleanse contaminants and deposits from diesel fuel. The company’s Total Diesel Fuel System cleaner dissolves and prevents the formation of black tar-like material in diesel fuel, commonly referred to as asphaltenes, in the fuel system.

Asphaltenese can clog fuel filters, injectors and other critical components.

The presence of water and sludge in diesel fuel can contribute to the formation of tar-like asphaltenes, Penray said. This substance can develop with many current fuel formulations, particularly so with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) and biofuels which can lack the aromatic solvents that were previously part of diesel fuel blends. And the growth of asphaltenes is exacerbated by newer, hotter-running engines, and operation in warmer climate conditions.

Penray’s Total Diesel Fuel System cleaner attacks asphaltenes, dissolving them and removing them from fuel tanks, fuel filters, fuel injectors, and lines, and preventing their recurrence.

Use of the product can extend fuel filter life as well as that of injectors and other precision fuel system components, the company said.

Asphaltenes can be seen in fuel tanks as a black, tar-like substance, and can be especially apparent in vehicles using fuel filters with clear, see-through housings. Initial dosage of Penray Total Diesel Fuel System cleaner is full strength, which should be maintained until fuel filters are clear. After that, maintenance dosage is half strength. The continued use of the Penray product will prevent future build-up of asphaltenes.

The cleaner also has solvents and detergents that dissolve deposits and loosen debris so they can be captured by the fuel filter before reaching the precision inner workings of fuel injectors and other fuel system components.

“Asphaltenes are a recent phenomenon and have appeared since the introduction of ULSD and bio-fuels. A task-specific product like our Total Diesel Fuel System cleaner is needed to break down asphaltenes and prevent their recurrence,” said Steve Muth, chief chemist for Penray. “Once the problem was identified, we got right to work on the cause and composition of this damaging material, and developed a product that would both combat and prevent it.”

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