PSI extends range of big block engine; adds new 4.3L powerplant

Power Solutions International (PSI) has extended the power range of its 8.8L “big block” engine among several additional enhanced features to be available in 2015. The company also announced a new 4.3L engine.

The big block engine now features a power range to 180 kW. Other enhancements include a new closed crankcase ventilation system, offering reduced oil consumption and excellent cold ambient ability; a spark plug heat shield for better durability; a new oil pan and an engine-mounted catalyst.

The fuel-flexible 4.3L engine offers a power range of 35-50 kW.

“We’re very excited about launching these breakthrough products at Power-Gen this year,” said Jeremy Lessaris, PSI global director of marketing and communications. “The 4.3L and 8.8L engines both offer unprecedented power with no sacrifice on performance or durability.”

PSI is designs, engineers and manufactures emissions-certified, alternative-fuel power systems.

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