040219 Max-Rack-2.0-HR.jpg Photo: Ranger Design

Ranger Design launches Max Rack 2.0

Ranger Design will be launching the next generation of our drop-down ladder rack, the Max Rack 2.0, at the end of April. Tough, safe and simple, this rack is a fit for extreme use on the jobsite.

Built as a solution for all high roof cargo vans, the Max Rack 2.0 allows tradesmen easy access to their ladders with the least amount of effort. The loading and unloading process is a smooth, single stage operation that drops the ladder down to the right height, quickly and efficiently. By reducing the sweep angle of the rack handle by 45 degrees, it’s now even easier for tradesmen to operate the rack from the ground.

There’s no need to stand below the ladder while it lowers because of the single stage drop. Bi-directional dampers in the rack’s mechanism ensure a smooth operation both to raise the ladder and to lower it.

Another safety feature of the Max Rack 2.0 is its reduced profile, now sitting 3” lower to diminish chances of catching any low hanging objects such as drive-thru signs or tree branches. Made from military grade aluminum to eliminate any opportunity of rust or corrosion, the Max Rack 2.0 is designed for carrying extension ladders and step ladders.

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