Rotary Lift updates four-post lifts

Rotary Lift updates four-post lifts

Rotary Lift has updated its 14,000 lb. capacity ARO14 alignment lift with new features designed to improve its precision and performance. The updates are also available on the AR14 closed-front alignment lift and as part of a patent-pending bolt-on retrofit kit that can equip Rotary Lift’s SM series four-post lifts to perform alignments.

“We improved our four-post alignment lifts with technicians in mind,” said Jim Dirksen, vice president of light-duty lifting. “Each new feature that has been added was designed to make their jobs easier. The radius gauges can be placed in various locations to better accommodate a range of wheelbases, the rear slip plates offer more movement and a higher rise height provides tall technicians with additional workspace. The new lifts are compatible with all modern 3D alignment equipment and can be lowered onto locks at various heights to ensure the vehicle is level.”

The ARO14 alignment lift features interlocking spacers along its runways to enable the placement of the turntables in various locations. This makes it easy to service a wide range of cars, light trucks, SUVs and vans. The lift can be used to perform four-wheel alignments on vehicles with wheelbases as short as 71 in. (88 in. for extended-length models) and as long as 148 in. (165 in. for extended-length models).

A full-length runway design allows the vehicle to smoothly roll back and forward during the alignment process. Since there are no obstructions on the runways, technicians can easily roll the vehicle to gather more precise measurements, Rotary Lift said.

To allow the rear wheels to move more easily over a greater range during toe and camber adjustment, the rear slip plates have been expanded to fill the entire width of each runway and feature additional rolling balls. These additional rolling balls also help increase the life of the slip plate assembly by evenly distributing the load.

The lifts come standard with an air filter/regulator/lubricator to keep air tools working properly, two 7,000 lb. capacity rolling jacks for wheels-free work and stainless steel radius gauges.

The updated alignment lifts each feature a higher rise height, improved drive-on ramps and a strong powder-coated hammer-tone paint finish. They are available with Rotary Lift’s Shockwave battery-powered system, which cuts rise time in half, to just 35 seconds. Descent takes only 18 seconds.

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