Rotary Lift updates heavy-duty inground lifts

Rotary Lift updates heavy-duty inground lifts

Rotary Lift has updated its 70 Series heavy-duty traditional inground lifts with new features and has had the lifts third-party tested and certified to meet industry safety and performance standards, the company announced.

The 70Q and 703Q traditional inground lifts feature a new standard locking system with “lower to locks” feature. It’s based on the Rotary Lift MOD Series locking system. Also new is an upright control console that eliminates the need for technicians to bend down to run the lift. Instead, the operator can control the lift from a comfortable standing position.

The 70Q is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders (one stationary and one moveable) for a total capacity of 50,000 lbs. The 703Q has three cylinders (one stationary and two moveable) with a total capacity of 75,000 lbs. The cylinders feature Rotary Lift’s EnviroGuard coating to protect against electrolysis and corrosion. EnviroGuard comes with a 10-year warranty.

 “Our updated traditional inground lifts give heavy-duty fleet customers a cost-effective option for retrofits or new construction,” explains Doug Spiller, heavy-duty product manager. “Fleets have relied on Rotary Lift inground lifts for decades, and they know this is a product they can count on to perform every day. The updated lifts are made right here in Madison, Indiana; they’re ALI-certified, and they’re our lowest-priced heavy-duty inground lift. They’re a great value.”

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