Thermo King reports updates

Thermo King made several product announcements and offered a preview of further introductions due later this year

LOUISVILLE, KY. Thermo King made several product announcements and offered a preview of further introductions due later this year here today at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Thermo King announced a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for its TriPac hybrid auxiliary power unit (APU). The DPF is designed to meet APU emissions requirements required by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for APUs running in California. The TriPac DPF has been submitted for CARB approval and is expected to be available this spring.

In addition to being designed to meet CARB regulations, the TriPac DPF offers several other features important to drivers and owners, according to Thermo King. Regeneration, the process of burning off particulate matter trapped in the filter element, takes place during normal driving hours with no disruption to the driver during rest periods. Extended APU runtime between regenerations assures minimal driver involvement and makes regeneration the exception rather than the rule, the company stated.

According to the company, the TriPac DPF won't reduce fuel economy and places no extra strain on the APU. The filter also reduces engine noise, making the TriPac system even quieter.

Thermo King also announced the Extreme Arctic Kit for the TriPac. The company said numerous studies have shown that the majority of mechanical engine wear (up to 90%) occurs during engine start-up and noted cold weather start-up is potentially even more damaging as oil pressure will vary widely during the first several minutes of a cold-engine start.

To combat this, the Extreme Arctic Kit includes both a coolant and oil heater. When the TriPac system senses a coolant temperature below 300F, the system automatically starts the TriPac engine and engages the coolant and oil heaters. The TriPac engine then circulates the coolant between the engine block and the TriPac continuously monitoring the coolant temperature until it reaches 600F.

With the Extreme Arctic Kit, the TriPac not only keeps the driver comfortable in the coldest of environments, it ensures the tractor starts easily every time with minimal wear and tear, according to Thermo King. The kit is now available at Thermo King dealers nationwide.

Thermo King director of marketing Craig Fisher said that 2008 will see the release of “next generation” trailer and truck reefer units, as well as the new OptiSet plus system and the new EMS (Environmental Management System) for trailers. He said OptiSet plus will allow a truck driver to select from 500 different cargo profiles—plus custom profiles- to automatically set the optimum temperature for a given freight.

“The system is designed to ensure cargo protection and quality and will maximize the shelf life of fresh commodities,” Fisher said. “With SR-2 controls it will also save fuel and drivers can be trained on using the system very quickly.” EMS is a filter system that will reduce airborne pathogens inside a trailer by up to 99.9%, according to Fisher, and will sanitize all exposed surfaces.

Fisher pointed out Thermo King is also displaying at the show the SLX reefer unit it recently launched in Europe to gauge customer interest and gather feedback on its new technology. According to Thermo King, the SLX is designed to provide both a reduced environmental impact and a lower cost of ownership.

The company noted the SLX’s design team significantly upsized the refrigeration components that relate to performance so that engine operating speeds have been reduced with no loss in performance. Slower engine speeds give a quieter engine, which uses less fuel and prolongs the life of moving parts to increase reliability, said Thermo King.

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