Tracer39s Marksman II detects air brake leaks

Tracer's Marksman II detects air brake leaks.

Tracer releases diagnostic tools

Tracer Products manufactures a line of tools that the company says increase productivity and slashes downtime. These products diagnose leaks before they result in costly repairs, according to Tracer.

Tracerline Marksman II (P/N TP-9367) ultrasonic diagnostic tool converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound. “Now service technicians can easily hear sounds that signify problems such as air brake leaks, compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, tire leaks and much more…before they lead to major breakdowns,” according to the company.

The Marksman II uses a two-tiered approach to ensure accurate diagnosis. The ultrasonic receiver converts inaudible sound into audible sound using heterodyne circuitry. Then, its Sound Signature Technology fine-tunes the audible sound into the natural sound emitted by the leak itself. A 5-LED signal-intensity indicator and audible alarm easily pinpoint the exact problem source.

The Marksman II can detect leaks from orifices as small as 0.004 in (0.1 mm) at 5.0 psi (34 kPa), from a distance of 12 in (30 cm). An Internal Noise Control feature buffers ambient noise.

The Marksman II comes with an ultrasonic receiver, headphones, hollow air probe, solid contact probe and an ultrasonic emitter that helps locate faulty seals, gaskets and weatherstripping in passenger cabs, trailers and other non-pressurized enclosures.

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